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Why Choose N4 Montessori Academy?

At N4 Montessori Academy, we believe in mutual value creation and growth. At N4MA, you will find:

Our core curriculum values Nature, Need, Nourish and Normalize define our way of life.


Unleash the natural psychic traits of the child by removing the obstacles, supported by the teacher and the scientific materials in the environment.


Develop the Child’s mind by satisfying the need for repetition, free choice, order, discipline and care for cleanliness and the environment.


Drive to satisfy the child’s psychic needs by nurturing the sensitivities and providing the right materials at the right time for the right duration ie. until the satisfaction leads to unconscious elevation of the mind-body coordination.


Create favorable circumstances for work, such that the child returns to normal state through work and work only, free of power, rewards and punishments, thereby bringing focus, concentration and independence to the child by his own choice.

AMI/AMS Certified Montessorians

The children will be under the guidance of an AMI Certified Montessorian. An individualized lesson plan based on the child’s current level and age will be presented by the guide. Materials will be introduced to the child in sequence from concrete to abstract levels.

Academic & social foundation

The environment is strongly built for academic and social foundation for the current and future learning. The Environment is carefully designed to prepare the child with life skills, grace and courtesy followed by academic skills.

Adaptation into the future

With this experience, the child is consciously working but unconsciously, preparing himself for adaptation into the future, which according to Maria Montessori means “happiness, ease and the sort of inner equilibrium which gives a sense of security to the child”.

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