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There’s a misconception that Montessori discourages the imagination during the early years. It is more accurate to say that Montessori is patient with the development of this high-level cognitive skill that develops in stages.

Founded upon child development, Montessori often serves as a “parent manual” for how to raise joyful, capable children

You will find many childcare providers who describe their program as a school rather than a daycare. Is this just marketing, or is there actually a difference? In short, there is a big difference!

The purpose and aim of practical life lessons is to help children gain control in coordination in their movement, gain independence, acquire

All that we ourselves are has been made by the child, by the child we were in the first two years of 

 “Why is it essential to foster grace and courtesy in children?” Grace and courtesy are critical to the success of the Montessori

Academics and social-emotional skills may be top of mind when searching for a preschool, but finding a program that specifically builds your